Ensuring that your goods get where they need to be in a timely manner is pivotal to your company’s success. At Cordaro Shipping, we are dedicated to providing freight forwarder services specifically tailored your needs. We assist in the exportation of goods from US ports to various international locations. This includes Europe and the Mediterranean, with an emphasis on Italy. We transport your cargo with a significant amount of care and attention.

We provide a number of exportation services including:

  • Specified Cargo Solutions
  • Contract Free Pricing Options
  • Freight Forwarding to Both National and International Locations
  • Delicate Cargo Handling Including Chemicals and Machinery
  • Exportation Documentation Filing

We export an assortment of products including, food, supplies, equipment, and chemicals with delicate care. Thanks to our vast distribution network, we can ship your goods to a number of ports on both a national and international scale. Our variety of licenses and permits allow us to transport your cargo without hassle and ensure that it promptly reaches its destination.

Any Further Questions?

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have regarding the delivery of your shipments.