The Transportation of Business Goods on a Personal Level

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Whether by sea or air, Cordaro Shipping
delivers high-quality services in:


We understand that when it comes to shipments, time is of the essence. This is why we work to carefully analyze, schedule, and transport imported goods to ensure that they reach your doorstep at your earliest convenience, whether by plane or cargo ship.

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Get your goods to where they need to be quickly. We utilize our air and sea shipping channels to confirm the safe and prompt transportation of your business goods at a cost-effective rate.

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Always Going Your Way

“Customer Satisfaction is our top priority as we work to provide our clients with premium transportation services, both nationally and overseas.”

All Paths Lead to You

Whether you’re across the country or cross the world, Cordaro is here to satisfy your global delivery needs.

Qualified Customs Broker

We are a C-TPAT customs broker. This allows our company to avoid the hassle of constant cargo inspections, which helps to ensure a more prompt delivery process, in addition to reduced storage fees.

High-Quality Service

We excel at providing high-quality distribution services to our clients. This includes customizing the import/export process to their needs while simplifying custom clearance procedures.


We are in compliance with C-TPAT security regulations. This helps to ensure a safe delivery of your goods, while also providing additional benefits that assist in shortening the importing/exporting process.

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Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have regarding the delivery of your shipments.